Taking Care of Yourself

Oftentimes in these days of deadlines I forget I have a body. I mean, I am designing and thinking and channeling new designs, and creating patterns and doing my own sewing, even. There are forms all around me, and people on my teams calling and calling. At FIDM we have teams and work in sprints. I play loud music– sometimes old rock like Led Zeppelin, and sometimes Adele, and get lost in the work, and then suddenly look up and six hours have gone by – and I am lifted up by the work and by art, but my body feels shaky. I have been living on potato chips and coffee. I am wearing the same dress as yesterday that I slept in. “No good”, I say to myself. I take a long shower and go to yoga. I drink ginger tea and green juice. I sleep and then roast a chicken. And look at the stars. And look at my designs. And treat myself as a holy being. At least for right now while I am remembering to.


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