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Academy Awards

In the midst of the Oscars and sunlight, I make dresses. Not for people going to the Academy Awards, but for people going to parties and gatherings, to watch it on T.V. with their friends. My whole motto is: You can never be overdressed. For each friend, I’m designing a long dress with trails, and capes, feathers, and even small bells. One dress has guitar pics sewn into the tulle veil. One is sequined and silk. In these dresses, though you think you are going to watch the awards, you really watch each other. It is fun to be in a circle of beautiful gowns. The feeling it creates is one of joy, grace, and interest. You talk to each other in soft voices laughing, and the stars come out, and then the sun begins to turn the sky pink, and you didn’t even hear who won or what happened, because you were part of something happening next to something happening that was somehow maybe important.


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