Sometimes getting my work done is hard. Sometimes a song flows out of me so easily– no– all the time it does. But getting to that point is what I’m talking about. The point that the song flows- that I channel it from the sky and waves and dark clouds. Showing up to actually start writing a song is sometimes hard because sometimes I don’t feel like it. To combat (bat – ha!) this I hike in Runyan Canyon amongst the leaves and raptors. The sky was piercing blue today and the wind froze everything into crystalized shapes. It was so cold for California! But this is what I mean. You have to still show up for your work even if you were feeling uninspired. In the canyon, amidst the frozen shapes and diamond frost and hawk calls, I heard a song start streaming through me. I heard screaming, cold guitar riffs, and gelid drums. I called it “Winter Bat, “ and I sang it all the way home.


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