My Amazing Trip to New York

Friends! Ladies! I am SO EXCITED! I am SO FIRED UP!! I am finally in NEW YORK CITY taking the trip of my dreams!!! Oh my gosh I have dreamed of this for so long. I am here as a research trip for my design studies at FIDM in Los Angeles. Oh my gosh already it is so different! In Los Angeles everything is horizontal and has beautiful 70’s colors- light tans, lavenders, cream, brown, burnt oranges. Faded blue skies, like a polaroid, like a horizontal ocean. Here, everything is not vertical, exactly, but more all smashed together, all the colors and textures and tones and vibes pressing up against each other, bumping against each other, like circular compression, like a collage or kaleidoscope, expanding, fanning out all its elements, then crashing back in on itself, like waves telling a story. Gray buildings pressed up against bright yellow flowers, pressed up against reflections and refractions, pressed up against an old man, pressed up against many voices calling and teeming, pressed up against chaos, and the smell of full summer, and humidity, and the sound of subways. Now: How to translate this into a design for a dress! Ha!





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