Old Friends

Sometimes there is an old friend that you have. Mine is called Vincent. Me and Vincent grew up together. We played in the pond behind our houses, and later helped each other with math. We had Mr. Shirtz- silly and not very bright. But we survived that class together! Vincent and I had deep conversations. You could say he is a soul mate but he really isn’t- but he is a good, good friend. Vincent and I played in some of the same bands. He is very good and a very good songwriter. He kind of dips when he plays guitar and stands back up again- like doing squats almost, but not as deep. For a while I liked liked Vincent but he didn’t like me back. It was temporary and tentative- like a shuttering flower or something fragile. That’s how I felt in my heart- like, exposed. But I decided, no I knew, that nothing could ever get in the way of our friendship. Nothing ever.  So I put that first and stopped liking liking him and found another crush. And the amazing thing is to always put friendship first even when someone is going in a different direction or someone is growing up with you through all the stages. Like, now me and Vincent help each other with our music. He helped me with an arrangement and I helped him find a bass player. This is called maturity, or maybe just what it’s like to have an old friend.

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