A Peaceful Easy Feeling

California is awesome, and especially L.A. where I live. Right now I am basking in the sun, thinking about a beautiful dress- it’s greyish white mesh and silk with greyish white feathers- like the color of a pigeon or a mouse. Earlier in the day it was grey and peaceful- this is what we call June gloom and it lasts the whole month in the mornings. But I don’t find it gloomy..  and…  this is where I thought of the dress. In the grey with a steaming cup of tea and the cars rolling by in the gloom and haze with their low lights on… It was pretty, and I could just space out. This is what you could say is my spirit, or channeling something out of the seeming nothing. The dress just came to me in the gloom. That’s cool. I don’t know where my design ideas come from. It’s weird. But this whole day I have felt peaceful and calm, and wondering how to sew the feathers on, and wondering who will wear it…

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