You Should Know It About Me

Sometimes I get very emo. It’s hard for me to see past it. I want to be a good friend but I feel so mad and sad that I mess up and act in a way that is not supportive to my friend. This does not bolster up anything. I would like to be stronger at this but it takes some time and mistakes. When there is drama, even small drama, I try to forgive myself first and be nice to myself. Then I can be nice to the other person. When I find myself in a tug of war I try to drop my end of the rope. This creates good feelings. When there are sad feelings I have a hard time designing dresses. Like, a distraction. But when I forgive myself I can work with focus. I try to look at it like, I’m a caterpillar going into a butterfly. The caterpillar is beautiful but the butterfly is even greater. I try my best to be the butterfly. This is called expanding. But sometimes I am the caterpillar so you should know this about me.


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