A Song That Changed

This kid Scotty and I were close friends. He’s an awesome drummer- beautiful, really. We played together, and we were working on a project- a special project that combined goth and jazz- like, a collaboration. My friend Mitzi was going to shoot the video- all black and white and crazy- like memories forming. Like blurry desire. From some other memory. Like from the moment you were born- all shaky but clear in intent. Like, in the shaky-ness something comes into focus. Scotty taught me that cymbals and jazz has something called a form. This form hold everything together so you can jam around it. And in these moments I played synth and keyboards and danced around the form. Then one day Scotty got a girlfriend. She did not like me even though I wanted to be her friend, too. She has a very pretty voice. I was hoping she could sing on our song. Scotty told me he could not be my friend anymore because of this girl. But that is not true. It is true that he dropped everything. This is not a global point of view. So I wrote this story into a song. But it is not our song. The original song. This is a song that changed. And now my heart is stampled on, like disappointment. This is a very sad feeling

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