Under Construction

Girly Goos:

This year pick just one resolution. This is an intention that comes from your heart. Something about yourself you’d lie to grow or change. Write this quality down and keep it close to your heart. For this year, it is your best friend. It is like a flower seed that needs sun and water. It needs you and your laughs and your giggles. Because this is a special seed. It only grows if you are nice to yourself and patient. And willing to make mistakes and be easy with yourself about it. This seed grows, little by little, over the course of a whole year- sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It’s okay either way, just every morning say hello to this intention. Say, “Hi, Seed. I remember you.” That’s all you have to do- remember to remember! As you change, it may look funny. That’s okay, building anything looks funny at first. Think of a building under construction!

For 2012, you are under construction. Rock it!


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