Winter dreams

On Christmas morning my mom woke me up with a surprise- it was a sunrise trail ride! At first I was too sleepy to go, but she said “Come on, come on,” so I rolled out of bed and put on some sneaks. You’re not supposed to ride in tennis shoes but I always do- it means you’re good cause you can. I ride in sneaks and chaps- smooth out no fringe. On this particular day, it was quiet and what some would call glory. I took Winter out; she spooked at a snake and bucked me off. The earth comes up at you in slow motion when this happens- it’s weird.

She waited for me near a eucalyptus bush and I got back on and pet her neck and she snorted and bucked again but I stayed on and her withers smashed into my nose- crazy filly.

Winter is Chestnut in color with a white snip. Once she ate a hamburger wrapper and got sick and I had to walk her in circles for hours.

On this particular Christmas day we saw red flowers like Chinese lanterns and lipstick flowers revealing up for the sun. The roses outside my house looked like Queen Anne’s lace in the mist. It was all very dreamy, like a winter dream. Winter closed her eyes in her stall, and I pet her neck and listened to her breathe.

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