rainy reverie

I moved to Los Angeles but it is rainy and smeary. I feel comfortable here in the rain, like I could curl up, like the midwest where I’m from. In the Midwest it smells like black dirt and tractors and rain. In the winter it is very quiet and the snow is still and redolent on the trees. The trees look black against the gray sky in the winter. In the rain they look blurry. In the summer all one color- lime green and lush. The rain in Los Angeles is different. It smells like burning wood and the air is cool and cold. It smells like traffic and tires.

My mom took me to a cafe for lunch. I drank hot chocolate and watched the cars through the plastic tarp. I felt peaceful. The mug was steaming in my hands, and the tarp was steamy from the heat lamps and rain. I thought about horses, and a boy I used to know.

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