I can’t choose

I feel like I’m here to do something special, but I don’t know what is is yet. It’s driving me crazy! A lot of my friends know they want to be musicians or scientists, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Me, I’m good at a lot of things— it’s hard to pick just one. I feel like one day something will (hopefully!) call out to me, like a siren, you know? I keep trying different things and I like all of them- yoga, music, writing, math… Is there a way everything can fit together? How does a person choose just one thing? I’d like to travel the world. I’d like to see what it’s like to live in Thailand or Argentina. I’d like to go backpacking and eat weird food. I’d like to build a snow fort with someone who doesn’t even speak my language. I feel like we could still communicate, somehow. When the train goes by my house I wish I was on it to see new things and learn stuff. Maybe someday I’ll know what I want to be.  For now I’m still searching. Can someone be an adventurer? Is that a job? That’d be cool!

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