Hi girls, Bliss here with all the haps, what’s up, what’s real.  Today’s theme is freedom. Yes, and you have it even if you live with your parents—  their roof, their rule.  It’s because freedom is inside you— it belongs to each person on the planet.  It’s what makes you you, your creativity, imagination, ideas, good will, ways you want to lift everything up!  Being free is shaking yourself loose from what your friends tell you to be.  That’s the ultimate freedom- freeing your true inside self to shine out in all its beauty!

What do I mean by this?  Your true inside self is a weird thing.  It’s kind of like energy.  Some people call it your vibe.  It’s your essence, the way a rose is different from a violet.  It’s made up of things like what flavor ice cream you like or if you’re allergic to horses.  Your true self is who you really are— your personality you uncover and express.  Sometimes it’s frustrating or scary.  Sometimes you feel lost.  Sometimes you wish your true self was like somebody else’s, even though you are unique and beautiful, like a snowflake.  But then you laugh at yourself and say, “I want to be my own snowflake!  It’s my own particular design that makes me interesting and cool.  I want to stand squarely in my own sense of freedom as exactly who I am.

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