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We provide artists opportunities to exhibit works, engage and collaborate with fellow creatives, and gain expertise from women of distinction in the arts.

Emerging artists become relevant, represented contributors who helm projects, reach their audience, and achieve financial equality.

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Fine Art

Austyn Weiner: On A Train

    Austyn Weiner is an American born artist who’s practice has ranges from photography, paint, and the deconstruction of these mediums. Having recently moved her studio from New York to Los Angeles, she has embarked on a new…

Fine Art

Kysa Johnson: Everything Comes From Something

Kysa Johnson’s drawings, paintings and installations explore patterns in nature that exist at the extremes of scale. Using the shapes of subatomic decay patterns, the molecular structure of pollutants, images derived from electron micrography of bacteria and diseases– in…

Featured Artist of the Month Music


                      Photo Credit: Jeremiah J. Lewis FAARROW, formed by singer/songwriter duo, Iman and Siham Hashi, were born in Mogadishu, Somalia.Fleeing their homes to escape civil war, the sisters and their…

Fine Art Solo Exhibitions

Holly Macdonald: Clay Is (Not) For Everywhere

Holly Macdonald is an emerging ceramic artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her practice combines free-hand drawing and hand-building in clay to investigate the uncertain nature of perception. She approaches the ceramic vessel as a drawing surface using it to hold abstracted…

FILM Music Photography

Danielle Karlikoff: Artist of Many Arts

Danielle Karlikoff is a multi-disciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. As an image-maker, she shoots/directs video clips and has one coming out soon for Chunyin (Rainbow Chan’s side project). She is releasing her first jewellery collection this year and her visual projections were recently in the Vortex Pop Exhibition curated by Pitch…

FILM Fine Art Solo Exhibitions

AMBAR NAVARRO: https://<3<3

Ambar Navarro is an LA based artist, animator, and curator. Originally from San Antonio, TX she moved to attend the California Institute of the Arts and received her B.F.A. in Experimental Animation (2015). Her work explores internet cultures, collaboration, making friends…


Lara Vrkic: On Curating

Tell us a little bit about your background, about how you came to be associated with The Ladies Network and how you came to be the show’s curator? I founded The Ladies Network in the middle of 2015 as…

Work by JR Doty in “Girl Trip”
Girl Trip News Press


When: Saturday, May 28, 5:30–7pm Where: The Lodge (1024 N. Western Avenue, Koreatown, Los Angeles) Girl Trip at the Lodge is a group show featuring an international selection of 20 young female artists produced in conjunction with Girl Trip, a platform for female…

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