Girl Trip panelist Ondi Timoner brings a new experience this Friday in San Francisco!

Advancing Visibility, Community and Equality for Female Creatives under 35

We provide artists opportunities to exhibit works, engage and collaborate with fellow creatives, and gain expertise from women of distinction in the arts. Emerging artists become relevant, represented contributors who helm projects, reach their audience, and achieve financial equality.

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Featured Artist Music

Nora Rothman: Raising the Female Voice

Nora is a musician and activist with a “mesmerizing” folk-soul sound. Following the release of her Remix EP to benefit Planned Parenthood in April 2018, Nora is inventing new ways to use music for social good. An Interview with…

Featured Artist Fine Art

Cara Feder: Intuition in the Creative Process

Cara Feder is an abstract painter from Los Angeles, California. She works primarily with oil paint, pastels, and experiments with different acrylic and oil paint mediums for texture. Cara paints intuitively and allows each painting to unfold naturally. Her…

Featured Artist Fine Art

Sarah Ann Weber: Wandering through Mirages

Sarah Ann Weber’s drawings, paintings and sculptures transport you to a place of fantasy, though rooted in reality and impermeability. Using gestural strokes, Weber creates movement through her work to explore both nature, decay, and the lack of predictability…


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