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    Bees Get Hot

    I live in an old Spanish house that is small, but the garden is very big. Lots of people love it, and there are three tiers with gravel and wood and…


    My Own Private Desert

    Last year we had our field trip in Moab and Durango, and this year it’s in Joshua Tree. The wind feels like you are on a bus in a far off…


    Candles and Leaves

    There’s a student named Wallflower at Beachwood Charter, and I chaperoned her birthday party in her mother’s garden. In this garden all the leaves and stems and flowers and webs made…


    Quiet Light

    Today my apartment is quiet, and there is dappled light all across my desk from the sun and trees blowing. The neighbors are not home, and I have a pretty lamp…


    Moonlit Flowers

    a song  (sung to the sounds of a synth) Touch your foot to my heart And I will watch you go asunder Under a midnight moon, Hazy, hazy heart, My design…