In order to create a more collaborative, conversational vibe for the website, we are transitioning our interviews to artists to interviewing other artists across mediums. We’d love to have you submit samples of your work and would be excited to have you help kickoff this new perspective with a Girl Trip interview. 

As our featured artist, your interview would be the headline the Girl Trip website. All our featured artists are promoted in social media blasts, highlighted in our email newsletter, and have the opportunity to have a piece featured in our gallery.

Your interview will be followed up with you interviewing another female artist whom you find inspiring or fascinating. Your interviewee could be a fine artist, filmmaker, writer, musician, or designer—any medium is welcome. 

We’re looking forward to seeing how the interviews unfold, as a “tag, you’re it” type conversation where each interviewee will follow up their feature as the interviewer for the next article. By allowing each artist at the helm of choosing the next featured artist, we are building a dynamic community of conversations between creative women across the world.

If you’re interested in contributing, shoot us an email at 

Include links or attachments of your work, as well as any website or social media links. Let us know who you’d be interested in interviewing and links to samples of their work, website and social media.