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  • Travel Bug

    The kindness of strangers.

    Of course, the kindness of strangers is always deeply appreciated. New York is such a wonderful city because the people are so wonderful – what a culture! Everyone is very gritty…

  • Travel Bug

    Traveling alone.

    I think what was so special about this trip is that it was the first trip where I truly managed on my own. I have traveled many places, but always in…

  • Travel Bug

    My time in New York.

    My time in New York was wonderful, one of my most memorable trips! I went to New York City with two goals in mind: 1) Do yoga every single day and…

  • Travel Bug

    Going to New York City!

    This morning I arrived at school just early enough to do a quick yoga practice in my favorite grove of trees. The sunlight was filtering down onto the leaves beneath my…

  • Girl Trip News

    New School/Old School: Photography

    Old School: Diane Arbus is one of the most well known American photographers, especially since she focused on photographing marginalized or downtrodden people. Her work was revolutionary, surreal, a little off-putting, but…

  • Girl Trip News

    New School/Old School: Tech

    Old School: Ada Lovelace is sometimes called “The Enchantress of Numbers.” The tech industry has a pretty weighted gender ration right now, and so it surprises some people to discover that…