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At Girl Trip, we value girls. Period. Our shared vision is to empower girls through education and entertainment, and to support them in improving the world with their own creativity. In a Girl Trip world, every girl’s participation is useful and counts. We are here to change how girls feel and develop power in the world, and how the world develops power in the girl. Our online media and services engage girls to be creative in a fun way, with an opportunity to develop confidence, self esteem and a unique voice. We inspire imagination, and elicit the emotional strength required for self expression and creativity in a dynamic web site community. Education is a strong part of our brand, and we embrace social and environmental causes. Participation in Girl Trip is exciting, and the site fosters a loyal group of followers because girls want the world to be a better place. We recognize that parents want their daughters to thrive emotionally and intellectually in a safe and wholesome environment, and that is what the Girl Trip experience is about.

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