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                          Photo Credit: Jeremiah J. Lewis FAARROW, formed by singer/songwriter duo, Iman and Siham Hashi, were born in Mogadishu, Somalia.Fleeing their homes…

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    Danielle Karlikoff: Artist of Many Arts

    Danielle Karlikoff is a multi-disciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. As an image-maker, she shoots/directs video clips and has one coming out soon for Chunyin (Rainbow Chan’s side project). She is releasing her first jewellery collection this year and her visual…

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    Maryam Mirbagheri: Toxic

    Maryam Mirbagheri aka “Maryama” is an Iranian American composer/performer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She studied guitar with rock stars Ardavan Anzabipour and Homayoun Majdzadeh. Maryam has performed in prestigious…

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    Music Mix: ON AIR!

    Walking into the Santa Monica College campus, I passed a group of students and made my way into the downstairs of the first building on my right side. I’ve been there…

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    Music Mix: Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier

    I love it when birthday presents keep coming. Mine is the last day of January. I got a “Happy Birthday, Clau.” message from my friend Joe, who is now a TV…

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    Music Mix: Beat Person X Melody Person

    Some say that we get our rhythm from being rocked as a baby by our parents or caretakers. Growing up in Brazil, my mother liked classic rock and soul music. Put…