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Cara Feder: Intuition in the Creative Process

Cara Feder is an abstract painter from Los Angeles, California. She works primarily with oil paint, pastels, and experiments with different acrylic and oil paint mediums for texture. Cara paints intuitively and allows each painting to unfold naturally. Her paintings explore the concept of freedom and a deepening of self trust.

An interview with Cara Feder:

Describe your relationship with your work.

I’m so attached to my paintings, it’s hard to sell them even though that’s the goal obviously but they are all very special and each reminds me of my life at the time that I painted it. I have a memory for each one. I’ve considered making prints but the fact that there’s only one copy of a painting makes it more special I think.

What challenges have you faced as a self-taught artist?

I think finding my voice has been a struggle and also learning to be okay with having my artwork not fit into one particular category also. Being told it’s “hard” or being suggested to try other creative paths or being told that it’s a “dying market” is annoying. I don’t really care though because I didn’t choose to paint because I thought it was easy, it’s just what I enjoy.

How has the art community contributed to your creative development?

So many of my friends are artists of some kind or another and they have definitely inspired me to pursue painting. Their drive and persistence and dedication to what they love inspires me to continue and to grow more creatively.

You share that you are inspired by lighting and patterns in nature. Does your creative process include exploration in those areas?

I am very drawn towards natural patterns but I don’t think my work represents nature well. I enjoy unnatural bright colors but I am very drawn towards natural textures and patterns and get inspiration from rocks, wood, and water ripples.

Where would you most like to see your work in the future?

I want to see my work where it can be appreciated by others and where it can bring joy to people. It is my dream to one day see my paintings in the Moma museum in San Francisco or New York and also at the Broad or the Guggenheim! That would be so cool.

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