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Danielle Karlikoff: Artist of Many Arts


Danielle Karlikoff is a multi-disciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. As an image-maker, she shoots/directs video clips and has one coming out soon for Chunyin (Rainbow Chan’s side project). She is releasing her first jewellery collection this year and her visual projections were recently in the Vortex Pop Exhibition curated by Pitch Zine.

An Interview with Danielle Karlikoff:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I hate ankle socks and think Snapchat is beautiful.

Describe your relationship with your work. What do you seek to express, capture, or reveal in your work? What are you interested in investigating through your work?

I definitely see work and life as one big little thing. The main themes I am interested in exploring is capitalist culture consuming us as much as we consume it in our world today. I have looked at issues of cosmetic surgery in the past and am most currently interested in how the notion of luxury is perceived to the masses today mainly through my jewellery work.

You live in Sydney. Does the city inspire your work?

Not particularly, as Anohni puts it “We are all Americans now”. There is however something cool about feeling both connected yet disconnected from the rest of the world down here, so maybe that inspires my work but I’m not exactly sure how.
stone, paint and marblo earrings

Are there any artists that inspire you in particular?

Always. I usually go through phases of being totally obsessed with one or two artists at a time, at the moment it’s James T Merry who has worked closely with Bjork over the last 6 years (Bjork is a permanent inspiration of course). He makes extraordinary hand embroidered creations.

Do you integrate music and other forms of art (e.g. photography, jewellery design etc.)? Or are they separate in your experiences of them?

I don’t make music. I do work across the disciplines of jewellery and image making. I don’t believe I am a photographer because I completely edit almost every photo I take and turn it into an image very far removed from the photo-taking process. And I don’t believe there is a direct relationship between the images and jewellery. I might like a particular shape at a certain time and then work with it in a similar line of vision or intuition. Overall I really enjoy the contrasting ways of thinking and doing between different mediums.

Are you working on anything right now that feels like new ground in your body of work?

Well I recently filmed and directed a new video clip with my sister Kimchi Princi. It feels like new ground because I felt far more in control of the filming from the outset – in the past it’s been more about filming candid moments and slicing them together in editing. I have no formal background in filmmaking so it’s always been very spontaneous but this time I felt like we knew what we were doing a bit more hah.

I have also just moved out of my parents shed and into a proper studio-collective for making jewellery called Fitzroy Place, which definitely feels like new ground as I gradually build my website/online store! Opening soon.



Pics: Shot for NOIRE by Danielle Karlikoff, Danielle Karlikoff’s jewelry, and a photo of Danielle Karlikoff herself.


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