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Barbara Loisch: Successive Approximation

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Real estate artist with a background in Social- and Cultural Anthropology and Ancient History; Vienna – Glasgow – LA; self proclaimed member of an unofficial group of Bad Buddhists, long-term meditation practitioner trying to make peace with the short-term world; working on issues of agency, perception and subjective currents; soon-to-be author of a children’s book.

Successive Approximation: Language and systems, code and rules. The passage from a space whose code is known into a new space, where that code loses its meaning, so that things become unrecognizable for anyone attempting to use the code that was produced by the previous territory.

An Interview with Barbara Loisch:

What inspires you to make work?

I am coming from socio-anthropological studies and have a background as a meditation practitioner. This makes me understand my art-practice as a way to deepen the exploration of consciousness. I am interested in the workings of the minds of sentient beings and their ways to relate to each other and their experience of life.

What are you investigating through your work?

In my projects I try to explore the space between inside and outside, which is often analogous to personal
and collective fates. But instead of following the long tradition of thought that isolates self from other and
individual from collectivity, I focus on the intersubjectivity and interdependence of our minds, bodies, and the world.


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What would you consider to be your aesthetic or style, and how does it show itself?

Clean (that’s at least what other people say). I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing.

How do you find the art scene in Los Angeles?

After having spent a few months in Los Angeles in 2015 I am excited to move here this September. It’s not a secret that people say LA is ‘the place to be’ for an artist today. I don’t know if that is true. I don’t even know if I care so much. I like to live at places that inspire me and make me progress in what I am doing.

What advise could you give to someone starting their creative career?

You mean, advice to myself?

Can you describe any habits/rituals etc. that you do before you start working?

During my meditation retreat I had to follow a lot of rituals. In the beginning you like it. Then you get bored with it. Then you start to question why one uses rituals at all. It is only when you manage to let go of the ritual without dropping into total chaos that true meditation happens. It’s the same with art. I have no formula. I simply have to trust that it will happen and once I let go, it does.

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